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These Are My Own Students That Have Used My Ecom Expertise and Products To Deliver Themselves A Life Changing Income.

And Today, I Want To Share A Very Short, But INSANELY Profitable Window of Opportunity That Will Quickly Help You Get Your Share of The Billion Dollar Ecom Pie.

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Hey there,

Ifiok here with my friend Steve,

And today, I’m writing to you because time is TRULY of the essence. See, every now and again the stars align perfectly (or almost) where you can get in front of a huge trend and ride it to true lifestyle freedom.  The kind of trend that can immediately change your life beyond your wildest dreams.

While I’m not one for all the hype, I honestly and most sincerely believe that kind of trend is happening right now.  And to help you take advantage of it as quickly as possible, I’ve developed an amazing app to catapult you light years ahead of the competition.

Before We Continue, Let Me Be Clear:

You Should Never Get Paid Off of The Pandemic. But You Can Get Paid BECAUSE of The Pandemic.

There’s A Difference. Let Me Explain…​ ​

I know that might seem like a slap in the face to mention that, but when I say the stars have aligned…well…it’s because of the pandemic. Now, let me explain something.  I don’t agree with anyone trying to profit from fear mongering or pushing some crappy ‘pandemic’ profits nonsense.  Those people and their products can take a long walk off a short cyber digital bridge as far as I’m concerned.

But because of the current pandemic, it’s shifted behaviors and markets to the ecom industry like never before.  And that’s where I want to show you how to position yourself so you too can get your share of the billions inside this industry.

It’s Because of The Current Crisis That This HUGE Opportunity Has Presented Itself.​

And Quite Frankly, If You Plan To Succeed In The Near and Distant Future…
You Will Need To Adapt.
There’s No Other Choice.  It’s The New Normal.

See, because of the lockdown, EVERYONE began to spend more time online.  That means that people chatted online more, played video games more, and ordered more items online than ever before.

And even as things get back to a ‘new normal’ that online ordering behavior has now become embedded in people’s psyche.  Just take a look at the results of this behavior:

During the lockdown, Amazon made billions of dollars and Jeff Bezos added an additional $34 billion to his net worth.

Amazon sales increased so much that they’ve had to hire an ADDITIONAL 100,000 workers to keep up with demand.

There's been a 129% year-over-year growth in U.S. & Canadian e-commerce orders as of April 21 and an impressive 146% growth in all online retail orders.

Naples Soap who got the majority of their sales from local retailers, when forced to move online due to the lockdown saw triple the amount of sales in 30 days

Also according to Zoovu.com, consumers are committed to continue online shopping to reduce their exposure to others amid the outbreak.

U.S. retailers' online year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth is up 68% as of mid-April, surpassing an earlier peak of 49% in early January. (Forbes.com)

The Sill, which sells indoor potted plants, has also seen online sales shoot up: They’ve experienced a 50% increase in orders compared to pre-pandemic months in 2020.

Thousand, which sells bike and skateboard helmets, saw an 80% increase in year over year sales during the last week in March of 2020, while sales in April are on track to climb more than 200% in comparison to the same time frame in 2019.

According to Zoovu.com, online shopping for groceries has grown by 400% since early March, and it appears as though consumers enjoy the convenience of not having to meander through grocery aisles, and it’s a behavior they intend to sustain post COVID-19.

Many online retailers are seeing better sales than they do with Black Friday.

But It’s Not Just Big Brands Getting Results The ‘Little Guys’ Are Cashing In Too!

Just in case you’re thinking that getting results from your own store is out of reach, let me share a few other examples of everyday people who are also taking advantage of the current opportunity profiting with their own stores:

$17,450 With Physical Products

That’s how much Jessica made in her first month selling shoes through her online store.  That’s 5 months of salary for a lot of people, but she achieved it in only one month.

$70,000 With Dropshipping

That’s how much Bryan’s ecom store that we set up for him generated in only 93 days.  For some people that’s a year’s worth of salary!

$40,218 Selling Digital Products

And before you ask, yes you can even use Storemerce to sell digital products too.  That’s what my partner Steve Tari did and he generated $40,218 from only a $3,122 ad spend.  He used Storemerce to help him sell software, PLR plugins, and themes during the lockdown period while getting more than a 90% profit for his efforts.

Restaurant Bookings

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And I’ve Even Done Over $100k In 12 Days Using Ecom For Major Profits.

I don’t show you this to brag.  Not in the least.  But rather, I show you these stats to let you know that what I’m saying is happening right in front of you and that it’s available for anyone who truly wants it.

However, I do understand that for some who have tried succeeding online, going into the ecom arena might seem a little daunting upfront.  I know this personally as some of my students have had trouble with getting things setup and having a store ready to make profits quickly. That’s exactly why I set out to create an app that lets anyone create an ecom store that can be setup in minutes and help position them to profit from the ecommerce boom immediately. And I truly believe my new software app can help you shorten the time it will take for you to succeed with ecom as well.


The #1 Online Solution That Lets ANYONE Build Profitable Stores Fast

Builds Your Own Profitable Store With Just 3 Simple Steps:





Fill out the form in Storemerce and let the software setup your store for you in minutes.


Add or import your products (1,000s of products to choose from).


Start selling and banking commissions.

Checkout What Others Are Saying!

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Anyone Can Setup A Profitable Store In Minutes With Storemerce.

Take A Look At The Demo For Yourself!​

Storemerce Delivers All These Amazing Features!

Unique Store Building Technology

Unlimited Product Catalog Creation

Unlimited Product Category Creation

Unlimited Orders and Purchases

Create Ecom Funnels to Cross Sell & Upsell

Free Amazon Cloud Hosting

Quick Store Setup In Only Minutes

No Monthly Fees or Expensive Apps To Purchase

So What’s All Included With Storemerce?

Let’s Take A Look Inside…

The Unique Storemece Store Builder App

This is where all the magic happens.  When you get access to Storemerce today, you’ll be amazed at how powerful this software is, yet simple at the same time.  You’ll only need to fill out a form and this incredible app will get to work designing and creating your store in a matter of minutes.

Great for beginners and advanced marketers alike.  Allows you to get moving quickly so you can start profiting with your store asap.

The Ability To Sell Physical and Digital Products

You’ll love the fact that Storemerce gives you the ability to sell anything you want online.  And while ecom is the star of the show with Storemerce, there are still options to sell digital products too.  You can configure these options to sell downloadable items, grouped, bundled, virtual, and more.
Here’s just an example of what you can sell with Storemerce:
  • Physical products - shoes, hand bags, trendy items, watches, supplements, health&beauty, make up, etc.
  • Digital Products - information downloads, software, membership, plugins, themes, etc.
  • e-Services - coaching, consultancy, freelancing, etc.
  • Bookings and Reservations - restaurants, gym memberships, yoga classes, martial arts classes, ect.
  • Subscriptions - create recurring income from groups, products, etc.

Import Your Products Easily Without The Heavy Lifting

If you have a lot of products, trying to upload them all manually can be a serious pain.  That’s why you’ll love that Storemerce allows you to bulk import your products via a .csv or .xls file.

Plus you can also import your products from Shopify as well.  This way you can save on all those expensive fees and ditch the woocommerce fees too!

Profit From Amazon and Ebay Too!

Did you know that you can source products from Amazon and Ebay suppliers and make a profit?  Yep.  And with this option you’ll be able to snag low deals from both platforms and repackage them for profit on your own Storemerce store.

Works Great For Dropshipping

One of the greatest business models for making a serious income is dropshipping hands down.  And that’s where Storemerce shines.  By combining the power of dropshipping with Storemerce, you can add multiple inventory items as well as multiple suppliers to your store and never run out of stock.

Plus, it helps save a ton of fees as well!

Lightning Fast Cloud Hosting For Your Store

Your store will be hosted on Amazon Cloud hosting at no additional charge.  This is the same hosting that Amazon uses so you know it’s ultra fast.  With this level of hosting your product pages will load in only a blink of an eye and be as secure as the Pentagon.

If Amazon uses this hosting to manage their multi-billion dollar conglomerate, then you know it’ll work for your store as well.

Product SEO Configuration Options

While you might use paid ads or even your email list to make sales, it’s always helpful when your products can be found in the search engines too.  Storemerce helps you do that by giving you the ability to add meta description, title, and keywords for each and every product.

This way your products show up and rank in the search engines exactly the way you want them to.

Create Custom Attributes For All Your Products

If you’re selling items that have specifics like shoes, then you’ll definitely love this option.  By having custom attributes for your products, your customers can shop your store and buy the exact items they want without any fuss or hassle.

This saves you frustration on the customer service side of things while giving you the flexibility to sell any kind of product or service with Storemerce.

Customer and Group Segmentation

You can also group customers together so you can hone in on your promotions even further.  This is a great way to target a specific group for a special promotion without making another group upset.  Also, you’ll find by using this option you’ll increase profits as your offers will become more personal to your customers.

Pull Inventory To Your Store From Multiple Sources

What’s the #1 thing customers want from you when they order from your store?  The fastest delivery possible!

That’s why we’ve incorporated this feature into Storemerce.  By giving you the option to ship from multiple sources, you can form a supplier channel and ship from the source closest to the customer.

This will give you the ability to have faster deliveries for your products, less cost of shipping, and you’ll never run out of stock.

Multi-Currency Support For Your Customers

You’ll find that with some of your products, you’ll have people purchasing them from around the globe.  But one thing that can scare people away or make them abandon their order is when they have to try and convert your currency to theirs.

But with Storemerce, this won’t be a problem at all.  When a person orders, the purchase will show in their respective currency so you make more profits faster without any hesitation on the customer’s part.

Geo-Location Customization 

So what if you want to have a store in some other language than English?  No problem!
As the world is becoming smaller due to the internet, you can have your store in another language based upon the region of customers.

Perfect for never missing out on a single order or audience.

Multi-User Collaboration Access Levels

If you’re like me, you probably like to have a level of freedom when it comes to running your business.  However, you still need to make sure the business is producing profit while you’re away right?

That’s what this option is for.  You’ll be able to assign different levels of access for workers so they can run the day to day without sacrificing any profit in the process.

Detailed Insight Reports

There’s nothing more effective than data when it comes to running your business.  Storemerce gives you all the insight you need into your customers purchases, overall product sales, and more so you can know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

This way you can create better marketing campaigns without wasting time and money in the process.

Accept Payments In Multiple Options

Another thing you definitely don’t want is not being able to get paid for products from your store due to a lack of payment options.  That’s why we’ve included just about every way to get paid with Storemerce.  This includes Stripe, Paypal, major credit cards, and even bank transfers.

You only need to add your details in the admin area and you’re good to go.

Create Coupons To Boost Sales

You’ll also be able to create unlimited coupons for all your marketing promotions.  Use these to boost sales or even bring an influx of cash when you have a lull in sales.  These coupons can help boost your marketing and reward customer loyalty.

Advanced Promotional Rules

You’ll also be able to boost your promotions with rules inside your Storemerce setup.

There are 2 types of rules that can be used to set up automated special offers in Stormerce: Cart Rules & Catalogue Rules. The cart rule is applied to the product in the shopping cart while the catalog rule is applied to the product before it’s placed into the shopping cart.

One: Cart Rules

Choose how you want to setup promos with conditions:

Conditions are based on things like: total price in cart, quantities, shipping method, payment method, products in carts, etc.

Example 1: if Total value of cart is greater than $500 than offer $50 discount

Example 2: if total quantity is greater than 5 and product xyz is in the cart, and shipping method is FedEx, then offer 2% discount.

Next Actions

In the Action section, we have to set the action for how we want to apply the rule on the product and cart.

Two: Catalogue Rules

These apply to products before they are added to cart.

(E.g If category = dress and Color = red and quantity is greater than 2 then apply $50 discount)

Having these advanced promotional rules running with automation is sure to boost your store revenue. But even with all the features we’ve shown… we’re just getting started…

And That’s Only The Beginning. You’ll Also Be Able To…

Convert Your Store To A Marketplace For Other Vendors

This, my friend…is one heck of a feature that’s sure to set Storemerce apart from all the rest.

By having your own marketplace, you can allow other vendors to sell their products on your store while you get paid without selling products yourself.

It’s like having an AirBnB of ecommerce.  Even though you don’t own any of the products, you get paid for creating the network and distribution channel.  The same is true for a lot of sites like Ebay, Amazon, JVZoo, Clickbank, and others.

They are just the main hub for the market and collect a fee from vendors.  Plus, with the current crisis, there are so many businesses that can use a place like this to sell their services, but don’t have the expertise to set everything up.

This feature alone is going to allow you to maximize your income big time.

And it’s included today at no extra charge.

Easily Create Funnels For More Profits and Make More From The Same Customer!

Ah… the upsell.  While frowned upon by some, it’s actually a great revenue booster for many companies. 

You never just get a burger from McDonalds.  They always ask if you want to upgrade your meal.  And you should be doing the same in your business. 

So that’s why we’ve put the ability to add upsells, related products, and cross sells for all your products.  By adding a simple like that says, “people who bought this also bought” can increase your order size multi-fold. 

It’s the same thing Amazon does and it works well for them so you know it will work for you too.

Plus, I’m Also Going To Include These

Fast Action Bonuses With Your Investment In Storemerce Today!


Ecommerce Comment Bot & Engager Tool (Normally $97/mo)

Ah…the upsell.  While frowned upon by some, it’s actually a great revenue booster for many companies. 

You never just get a burger from McDonalds.  They always ask if you want to upgrade your meal.  And you should be doing the same in your business. 

So that’s why we’ve put the ability to add upsells, related products, and cross sells for all your products.  By adding a simple like that says, “people who bought this also bought” can increase your order size multi-fold. 

It’s the same thing Amazon does and it works well for them so you know it will work for you too.


Ecommerce Messenger Bot Builder

With this tool, you can easily build an interactive ecom FB Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support… without ANY coding or designing skills. As a matter of fact, after activating this tool on his store, Oliver saw 440% Boost In Sales

With this tool, you’ll be able to create unlimited bots and automation for unlimited products on your store with automatic conversation flows. You can use these flows to deliver value, drive traffic, convert contacts into leads and make sales. You’ll also be able to boost engagement on your website, respond and assist visitors (without even being there in-person) and consistently turn cold prospects into recurring paying customers.

This is a perfect way to take advantage of the 2 billion messages sent back and forth between end users and businesses every month. This is a huge opportunity to move consumers through your sales funnel and boost your ecommerce sales.


Messenger Bulk Broadcast Tool

With this tool you can send unlimited broadcasts to subscribers across your pages and multiple Facebook accounts from a single easy-to-use dashboard in minutes. It’s the same tool that Alex used to generate 71 Ecom Sales ( In 29 Hours From one simple broadcast )

When you combine this with bonus #1 above, you’ll be able to drive more revenue from your store. Plus I’ll also include a messenger broadcast template that you can use to send to your bot subscribers. This way you won’t have to figure out what to write or say. Just make a few edits and press send.

Best of all you won’t have to learn a single line of code. Just choose a subset of people who’ve messaged you and hit them with a text blast, an image, a call to action, and redirect them to your ecom store or a particular product on your store.

By having an average open rate of 85% or higher with messenger bots and up to 10X higher click through rates than email, you’re sure to increase engagement and profits using this bonus in your marketing


Ecommerce Graphics & Ads Designer

With this tool, you can pump out jaw-dropping & high converting designs in just minutes…with Zero Technical Or Design Skills. Social media ads, Social media post, Timeline covers, Viral Quotes, Memes… and many more. It’s the very same tool that Josh used to design all his ecom banners and ads in minutes. This allowed him to fire his graphics designer and save $400 in monthly freelancing bills which equates to $4,800 per year in savings. Extra money he will be putting into other aspects of his ecom business. By getting Storemerece today and having this as an added bonus, you’ll get 1,423 premium design templates, 7.5 million stock design assets, 450,000 Viral quotes and a lot more.


Ecom Social Post Editor

With this tool, you can now add BOLD Text, Italicized, Underlined & More on FB and other social media platforms and make your post, comments, and ads stand out and capture people’s attention resulting in a HUGE boost in post engagement, leads, and sales.


Insider Ecommerce Accelerator - Get Results Fast!

This is a comprehensive course that will take you through the entire process of starting and scaling your ecommerce business without all the stress. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or you have tried ecom in the past and failed. This training covers EVERYTHING you need to make use of Storemerce and ALL the bonuses/resources we are giving you. There’s no stone left unturned here. Once you’re done going through this training you’ll be ready to drive revenue with your store in no time.


Traffic Training Mastery Course.

In this training, I pull back the curtain and show you ​how to send instant traffic to your product listings using cheap, underrated and vastly untapped methods.   These include platforms like ​BING SHOPPING & Google Shopping.  Once you’ve found a few winning products, you’ll see how to use this SUPER cheap traffic and turn it into HIGH-CONVERTING BUYERS who rave over your products!


The 7 Figure NMYC Ecom Strategy

In this training, you will discover the simplest method yet to profit from selling physical products online without ever buying inventory or touching the products. And it’s 100% automated
  • You do NOT need to use Facebook or Amazon
  • You do NOT need to buy any inventory upfront
  • You do NOT need to do any market research
  • You do NOT need to have your own branded products
  • You do NOT need to spend months preparing everything

Oh, and did I mention that it’s 100% automated?
(Details in the member’s area…)


My Proprietary ASFU 7 Figure Ecom Strategy + Case Study

In this report, I’ll share the exact same strategy and system I used to generate $1 million in sales in less than 7 months from ecommerce.  You’ll see for yourself how you can clone this and start getting results from day 1.

To be honest, this is as about a fail proof ecom strategy that there is.  And It’s as simple as following this formula: S + F + U = $$.

(I’ll explain in the member’s area…)

Still On The Fence?

Then Let Me Give You X Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Storemerce Account Today:

Everything Runs In The Cloud. Nothing For You To Download and Install.

This is one of the best things about Storemerce.  It doesn’t require you to have any fancy computer hardware or mess about with frustrating installs.  As long as you have an internet connection and a browser, you can use it to build your store and drive revenue with total freedom.

You’ll Be In Position To Take Advantage of The Ecom Boom

Just like the rising real estate trends, rising dot com industry, and other trending opportunities, ecom is growing at leaps and bounds.  By having Storemerce, you’ll be able to position yourself perfectly in front of the ecom trend and ride the wave to major profits.

Everything You Need To Be Successful Is Included

Some people only hand you a half complete software.  Others, theoretical training of what MIGHT work.  I’m handing you a complete software solution AND all my knowledge of what I’ve been using to generate seven figures from ecom.

Need I say more?

Listen, If These People Can Build A Store and Profit, So Can You!

As I said earlier, this isn’t a fluke.  You only need to make the decision to take action and get started just like these people who are now seeing great results with their stores:

Khara Kapas – by selling Indian boutique clothing, they now generate an average sales of 1500 items PER DAY.
Irwin Dominguez – started dropshipping items from his store and generated $1,000,000 in just 8 short months.  His only regret?  That he didn’t start sooner.
Leesa – a mattress company did $800,000 in its first month and went on to generate $30 million dollars later – all because he asked a few questions to an industry mattress veteran
Watch Outfitter – started by a 17 year old, was making over $13,000 in monthly revenue by the end of its first year…due to the fact he had a passion for watches and jewelry
Nerdwax – selling all natural and organic beeswax, has generated $1,000,000 in sales to date…and that’s after REJECTING two offers from the famous tv show Shark Tank.

That’s Just A Few of The Many Stories of People Who Are Killing It With Ecom.  And With Storemerce At Your Fingertips… Now It’s Your Turn!

Finally, I Guarantee If You Pass On This Offer, You WILL Regret It. Here’s Why…

There are people that had Bitcoin when it was only $1 each.  Others who had a chance to buy Microsoft stock when it was cheap.  Same with Google and Yahoo.

Today, those people are regretting their decision to not take advantage of those opportunities when they were presented to them.  And while they couldn’t have known that any of the above were going to be ultra successful, it’s not the same with ecom.

You already know that ecom is profitable and the current pandemic has pushed ecom profits even higher.  And by economies being majorly affected with the current crisis, that only means that online shopping will continue to increase.

This my friend... is one of those times where if you don’t get in now, you’ll regret it terribly.

Heck, you could have the kind of life changing income in only months from now.  But in order to play, you’ve got to get off the sidelines and into the game.  And Storemerce is the perfect solution to help you win the game.

Try Storemerce Risk Free For The Next 30 Days

I’m absolutely certain that Storemerce can help you build a profitable store that will create life changing income for you like it’s done for others.  That’s why I want you to take the next 30 days and use Storemerce to its fullest.

See for yourself how easy it is to set up a store in minutes.  Add unlimited products.  And if after putting forth an honest effort, you don’t agree that Storemerce is everything I’ve said it is on this page, then I want you to ask for your money back.

If me or my team can’t help right the wrong, then I’ll refund you every penny you invested in Storemerce and we’ll part as friends.

Uh-Oh! The Clock’s Ticking. If You Want A Discount On Storemerce, You’ll Need To Act Quickly…

Unfortunately, the special deal for Storemerce won’t last forever.  As a matter of fact, the price is rising every day and will only continue to go up until the end of the launch.

That’s why it just makes sense to get access to Storemerce today.  Why?  Because this is the lowest price that Storemerce will ever be.  There’ll be no further discount or no backdoor shenanigans.  And once the timer runs out on this page, the price will jump again.

But quite honestly speaking, even if I charged double of what I’m charging now for Storemerce, it would still be a major steal.  Because nowhere else are you going to find an app of Storemerce’s caliber. 

So if you’re truly serious about taking advantage of this major opportunity that’s presented itself, do yourself a favor and claim your discount now while you still can.

Friend, The Ecom Profit Train Is Leaving The Station. Don’t Miss Out On This AMAZING Window of Opportunity.

Make The Smart Choice And Get Access To Storemerce Right Now!

I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to sign up right now.

Regardless of what economists or news reporters might tell you, there’s no money that has left the planet. It’s only shifting and the one place you can definitely track it to is in the ecom space.

So with that being said, will you continue to let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by or will you make the smart decision and sign up for Storemerce today?

You literally have nothing to lose as you’re getting a one of a kind app and all the knowledge and most impactful eye opening training you could ever desire when it comes to succeeding with your ecom store.

And when you add to that the bonuses you’re receiving, how could you possibly fail?

But even with all of that, you still have my no risk money back guarantee just in case you change your mind.

So now there’s no possible way you can’t come out on top.

With that being said, do yourself a favor and sign up for Storemerce today.

And let’s build some profitable ecom stores together that will absolutely change your life.

Go ahead and use the option below to get started and I’ll see you in the member’s area…

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